Helping Hands

Do something else.

A couple of minutes ago, I was standing in my kitchen, listening to the ticks on the toaster oven while waiting for my bread to brown. It felt like it was taking forever for the bread to toast. I realized that if I continued to stare at the bread, the time it took for the bread to finish would feel even longer. I remembered that I needed to meal prep more sweet potatoes. I decided to fill the waiting time with rinsing and prepping my baked sweet potatoes. While still rinsing the potatoes, I heard the toaster over “Ding!” My toast finished quicker than I expected. In that moment, the Holy Spirit gave me the revelation, “Do something else.”

Similarly, oftentimes, when we are waiting on God for something, whether it be a job, a new group of friends, an answer to a question, a spouse, loan approval, or whatever it may be, we may get hyper-focused on the thing we’re waiting for. In return, we feel like God is taking forever to bring that thing to pass. Instead of endlessly focusing on what you are believing for, do something else in the meantime.

More specifically, do something for the kingdom and glory of God in the meantime. This could be serving at the church you regularly attend, volunteering in your community, reading more scripture, writing a worship song, journalling, picking up a new hobby, writing the book the Holy Spirit gave you the idea for, doing the thing God placed on your heart, etc. The case isn’t that you’re distracting yourself from what you are waiting on God for, but merely shifting your focus to something that is more in reach at the moment. When you focus on doing something for the kingdom of God, you will eventually look up and realize that what you were waiting for has come in His perfect timing. It will feel like the thing came quickly.


What is something that you can do while you wait on God for what you are believing in Him for?

Guided Prayer:

God, You know all things and can see the big picture. My future is in Your hands, and Your timing is perfect. Holy Spirit, would you help me to be patient while I wait? Reveal to me what I can work on in the meantime that will give You glory and advance Your kingdom, God. Let Your will and not my will, Your timing and not my timing be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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